Epic Romanticism: Dvořák Mass in D

S T .  M A R T I N ‘ S  F E S T I V A L  S I N G E R S

Although better known in its orchestral version, and considered one of the great mass-settings of the Romantic era, it was originally composed with organ accompaniment, and St. Martin’s performs it as such here. Building on the monumental sound achieved last year to much acclaim in the Rachmaninov Vespers, the Festival Singers add the organ to truly raise the rafters!

And be sure to join us on Saturday evening at 6:00 PM at Bethany Lutheran for an engaging pre concert discussion by Thomas Riis.
"Epic Romanticism" is the theme for this St. Martin's concert. Tom Riis, professor emeritus at the University of Colorado Boulder, will explore the epic dimensions of 19th century musical Romanticism in the works of Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn and especially Antonin Dvorak, whose popular Mass in D will be featured. England, America, and Germany throughout the Victorian era shared an expansive sense of optimism, self-confidence, and national pride as well as a shared fondness for the lives and music of these three great artists. Come and learn more about the heady and colorful artistic atmosphere of the high Romantic era and those who helped to create it.

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Saturday - September 28, 2019, 7:30 PM: Bethany Lutheran, Cherry Hills Village 
Sunday - September 29, 2019, 3:00 PM: Montview Presbyterian Church  

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Montview Boulevard Methodist Church

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