Thank you for supporting St. Martin’s through a season subscription! Follow the directions below to redeem your tickets.

Select the concert you want from the CONCERTS/TICKETS page in the menu. Select the date you want and once you get to the payment page you will look in the bottom left hand corner for the REDEEMBENEFITS link. This will allow you to enter your membership ID and your last name to redeem your subscription rather than paying for the tickets.
To expedite the process when getting tickets for multiple concerts at once select KEEP SHOPPING at the bottom the screen on the payment page. This will add your current tickets to your cart and allow you to add more. Once you have selected all tickets you can click NEXT to finish.
You can do this for all concerts now, or do it as you go through the season based on your schedule. Please note- you can mix and match and use your subscription in any way you choose (ex. you can use all 14 tickets for Christmas if you want!) If you prefer, you may call to secure yourtickets

If you have any trouble at all, please call 303-298-1970