Welcome to our 23rd Season!


I AM MOVED BY THOSE LISTENERS who have told me that St. Martin’s Chamber Choir concerts provide a brief interval of tranquility in hectic lives otherwise characterized by the distraction of noise, frenetic activity, and busy-ness. The harmonies created by our professional voices somehow pull the frayed threads of our existence into accord. The beautiful resonances vibrate deeply in the subconscious, drawing the spirit into a place of profound concord. And the echoes of ancient and modern voices reverberate in the mind, restoring a sense of wholeness and peace. These powerful images have stuck with me as I have assembled the pieces that make up our 2016-17 season, and I have titled the season Sound and Silence in response. I invite you to peruse the entries on the Concerts page, and claim for your own the tranquility and beauty of this coming season by purchasing season tickets – your passport to serenity and calm in a world grown increasingly disquieting.





Maestro Timothy J. Krueger
Artistic Director

You are invited to listen to Maestro Krueger talking about the September’s performances – Give Us Peace – and the complete 2016 – 2017 season. Click on the image below.

Season subscriptions for St. Martin’s 23rd season are now available. Click HERE to go to the Concerts page for details of the concert programs and to order your subscription! Tickets to individual performances will be available in late summer.