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2015-16, Our 22nd Season

Stories in Choral Song

Before we get to next season, we’d like to share with you some very kind comments written by Dr. Robin McNeil following the Friday evening performance of the Byrd 4 concert. This appeared in his Opus Colorado blog. “St. Martin’s Chamber Choir: Inherent artistry from all concerned“.

But about our upcoming season, Artistic Director Tim Krueger has this to say:

When the “immemorial sound of voices,” as Herbert Howells called choral music, is coupled with the telling of story, the result is a powerful and immediate connection to the heart. I have felt the lure of this narrative style of concert for some years, and therefore we present our 22nd season, “Stories in Choral Song.” Each concert tells a story of some kind. From the delightful madrigal fable The Unicorn, the Gorgon, and the Manticore by Gian Carlo Menotti, the Christmas oratorio The Nativity of Christ by Heinrich von Herzogenberg, and the St. Mark Passion by Charles Wood, where the stories are built into the works themselves; to the mini-stories involved in each piece in “Short Stories in Song” to the less obvious but nevertheless potent narrative quality of Mozart’s Requiem and Nin-Culmell’s Symphonie des Mysterès; the shape of each concert was designed to have a sort of narrative trajectory, moving the listener from one point to another as the concert progresses.

We will pair with instrumentalists on numerous concerts, including the Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra in December; organist Richard Robertson in February; the Confluence String Quartet in October; and two pianists on the Mozart Requiem in a newly-discovered 4-hand accompaniment by the great Romantic-era pianist and composer Carl Czerny.

Join us for what promises to be an incredible year of music and story telling! To see the details of the entire season, click HERE. Tickets to individual concerts will go on sale in the fall.