St. Martin’s had its first rehearsal of the Michael Haydn Requiem with maestro Bahman Saless of the Boulder Chamber Orchestra on Saturday (we had a rehearsal on our own last week), and it went extremely well (Bahman sent a note afterwards saying “thanks for lending me the keys to the Porsche,” and I know exactly what he means: Sometimes, standing in front of SMCC and hearing them sight-read a difficult piece almost perfectly the first time through; or when, by making a tiny gesture with my eyebrow, the choir responds in kind, I feel like I’m driving a luxury, high-performance sports car! I’m a lucky guy).

So please do come to the concerts this weekend, as listed below. Advance tickets are recommended, to streamline the at-the-door process (i.e. don’t you love it when you show up and there’s a 10-person line at the box office, but you march right up to “Will-Call” and have your tickets within seconds?). Get them here; (303) 583-1278; or at the door.


Secondly, St. Martin’s own season is about the start with Music of the Tsars, a feast for the senses, since the venues are St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral and St. Augustine’s Orthodox Church. Especially at the latter, richly decorated with the gold icons of Eastern Christianity and smelling of incense and candles, the visual and fragrant aspect of the concert might be just as pleasing as the sonic element. The choir numbers 27 this time, the extra 3 voices all being basses to lend the concert a bit more heft at the bottom end, befitting the repertoire. Get tickets in advance here or (303) 298-1970, especially if you’re going to the Sunday matinee, which WILL sell out.

An exciting start to our season!

Season subscription tickets for St. Martin’s 2014-2015 season are available through October 3 by completing a paper order form (click HERE) and mailing it in or by calling us at 303-298-1970. Single concert tickets are now available for the entire seasonthrough the website or by calling 303-298-1970.