St. Martin’s Chamber Choir’s 20th Anniversary Season comes to a close on May 30 and 31 with a concert called “Antiphonal Echoes: Music for Multiple Choirs.” I’ve beefed up the choir to 32 singers, and we do all double-choir works for this program. I’m particularly proud of the second half, in which I’ve programmed what I’m calling a Missa Pastiche (forgive the mixed languages – I thought Messe Pastiche didn’t have quite the ring I wanted to it, and I’m not sure whether there’s such a word as Pasticcio, to go with the Italian Missa…). Anyway, it is made up of movements from six different double choir masses, all arranged in chronological order, as follows:

Kyrie from the Renaissance: Hans Leo Hassler, Missa octo vocum
Gloria from the Baroque: Thomas Selle, Missa ab 8 per duos Choros
Credo from the Classical: Luigi Cherubini, Credo a 8 voci
Sanctus from the early Romantic Romantic: Louis Spohr, Mass in C minor, Op. 54
Benedictus from the late Romantic: Josef Rheinberger Mass in E flat, Op. 109
Agnus Dei from the 20th century: Ralph Vaughan Williams Mass in G minor

Also featured is the world premiere of a new work by Terry Schlenker, called In Paradisum, written earlier this year in memory of his father, who passed away in February. Terry told me it’s the first work from his pen in three years, so I think this alone should pique the interest and cause the rejoicing of his many fans.

  • Fri., May 30, 7:30pm, Montview Presbyterian Church
  • Sat., May 31, 7:30pm, Bethany Lutheran Church

Put the dates in your calendar, and tickets are already available here and at (303) 298-1970.