St. Martin's 2013-14 season: "Echoes"St. Martin’s upcoming concert set is entitied “British Folksongs and Partsongs: Celtic Echoes (A Cameo Concert *)”.

That St. Martin’s and Maestro Krueger have had a special relationship with British music over its first twenty years is obvious to most. Here, a broad sampling of folksong arrangements by Vaughan Williams, Holst and Stanford (such as “Loch Lomond” and “Blow away the morning dew”) will be combined with slightly more sophisticated partsongs by Elgar, Parry and Pearsall (“Lay a Garland” and “My love dwelt in a Northern Land”) in celebrating this special relationship.

(* Cameo Concerts are shorter than our regular concerts, feature ensembles of 12 to 16 singers and offer innovative and audience-interactive programs presented in intimate venues for a bargain price.)