Michael Haydn Requiem with BCO

St. Martin’s is joining the Boulder Chamber Orchestra, under maestro Bahman Saless, in three performances of the Michael Haydn Requiem.  This is a marvelous work, and it has been documented that Mozart heard or played in the orchestra for this Requiem seven times!  It is therefore little surprising that Mozart’s Requiem, written 20 years later, bears striking resemblances to Haydn’s work, including similar (sometimes identical!) themes, similar moods, similar pacing, similar structure.  When you hear this, you will shake your head in wonder, either that Mozart could get away with a good bit of plagiarism; or at the fact that the Haydn is not better known, given that it is clearly the inspiration (and a jolly good inspiration at that) of such a pillar among classical choral/orchestral works.

 Anyway, judge for yourself whether Mozart got away with murder by attending one of these performances, as follows:


 Tickets may be had in advance at the Boulder Chamber Orchestra’s website, or(303) 583-1278; or may be purchased at the door.  The BCO is quite popular in Boulder, so you may want tickets in advance there; and Denverites, I encourage you to support this fine ensemble as it stretches itself in coming to Denver on the 21st.  Other works on the program include string sonatas by Mozart and Rossini.

Season subscription tickets for St. Martin’s 2014-2015 season are available through October 3 by completing a paper order form (click HERE) and mailing it in or by calling us at 303-298-1970. Single concert tickets are now available for the entire season through the website or by calling 303-298-1970.

 Music of the Tsars

St. Martin’s initiates its own season on Oct. 3 and 5 with “Music of the Tsars,” an all-Russian program featuring works by Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, and a host of lesser-known but equally fine composers.  This concert will be performed twice, as follows:

 Tickets for these may be obtained at our new online ticketing service or by calling (303) 298-1970.  The last time we did this sort of concert at St. Augustine’s, we literally had to turn more than 25 people away, it was so full, so I advise getting your tickets in advance for this concert.