The 67-voices of the St. Martin’s Festival Singers had their last regular rehearsal yesterday before our dress rehearsal and concerts later this week.  And it is a magnificent sound.  The concerts are THIS WEEKEND, and I’m sure you don’t want to miss them!

If you are thinking to yourself “I like the sound of the chamber choir – I don’t want to hear a big chorus;” then consider this:  What if you were able to get the same sound as the chamber choir, only multiplied in terms of dynamic and tonal options?  My goal with the Festival Singers was not just to create another big choir; but to take the distinctive sound of SMCC (the chamber choir), and by adding auditioned and musically talented amateurs, create essentially the same sound on a larger scale.  The core of professional chamber singers is there, informing the tone of the larger group; and I have been pleased with the result.

In singing Beethoven’s 9th this summer with the Colorado Music Festival, the Festival Singers got a rave review from critic Kelly Dean Hansen of theDaily Camera, such that I was afraid the orchestra and conductor would be jealous at being upstaged!  In essence, he said “the orchestra is fine, just as it always has been; but the big revelation of this concert was the chorus – unlike anything ever heard at Chautauqua Auditorium” (my paraphrase from memory).  My vision for the Festival Singers was being confirmed by an outside, and well-informed, observer.  And you’ll want to confirm it for yourselves!

Or, if you are thinking to yourself “I’ve never heard of Bantock, and have only vaguely heard of Spohr – I’m skeptical of the repertoire” – let me just ask whether I have not proven in my programming that I’m at least mostly capable of producing music you’ve never heard of but been impressed by?  Perhaps I haven’t always hit a home run with you on every obscure piece I’ve produced; but my hope is that my track record has been more hits than misses. (Comments welcome.  I really am curious).

  • So do not fear that this concert will be anything but what you’ve come to expect from St. Martin’s Chamber Choir concerts.  I am enthusiastically imploring everyone in Denver (and Boulder and suburbs) to come and hear it.    (Plus, one of the concerts falls on my birthday, so make this your way of giving me a birthday present! J)  Here are the details:
  • Friday, Sept. 22, 7:30pm – Bethany Lutheran Church, Cherry Hills Village, Hampden and Dahlia
  • Sunday, Sept. 24, 3:00pm – Montview Blvd. Presbyterian Church, Park Hill

Reserve or purchase tickets at (click on the date of the concert you want to attend), or get assistance from our office at (303) 298-1970.  Tickets also available at door – I just want to spare you the wait in the ticket line.