We are about mid-way through the production of a brief video/DVD celebrating St. Martin’s Chamber Choir’s 20thAnniversary. It will be available as the grand finale of our 20th Anniversary Season this spring. On this past Saturday we filmed a number of interviews of singers, supporters, music critics, board members, local music educators, etc.; the narrator will be Jim East, of Colorado Public Radio; and there may be some additional material (under “Special Features”) on the DVD such as portions of concerts we have been video-recording this and last season. The anniversary portion of the DVD will be 12-15 minutes long, including the interviews, voice-over narration/history and a combination of photographic stills and video footage of the choir’s first 20 years. The “Special Features” will be longer, and, having now videoed about six concerts in the last year-and-a-half, we’re hoping to include substantial excerpts of these (synched with the excellent audio recordings by David Wilson that we have been doing for most of our history).

I’m excited about this; but, never having produced anything like it before, I feel like I’m in way over my head!! Having recorded and produced 12 audio CDs helps a lot in knowing what goes into the editing process; but adding the visual component has complicated it tenfold, it seems. Yikes!

Still, I’m quite excited about it. Stay tuned for updates, and the finished product!