St. Paul Lutheran Church

Accessibility Notes

Accessible entrance is off the courtyard facing 16th Street. There is a ramp down to the columbarium where the door at the base of the tower opens to the accessible elevator entrance.


Parking is available and free on the side streets surrounding the church both on Sundays (all day) and Monday-Saturday after 6 pm.
Other options for paying lots that can be used for concert parking include:

  1. $2.00 lots: 16th and Pennsylvania, 18th & Grant (evenings only), 18th and Sherman NE (evenings only)
  2. $4.00 lots: 18th and Pennsylvania NE, 16th and Grant
  3. $4.25 lots: 17th and Pennsylvania, 18th and Pennsylvania SE
  4. $5.00 lots: 18th and Sherman NW, 16th and Sherman, Sherman between 16th and 17th, Sherman between 17th and 18th
  5. $6.00 lots: 16th and Logan, 17th and Logan

Venue Gallery