Old Wine

New Wineskins

In recent years St. Martin’s Chamber Choir has been blessed to collaborate with some of the region’s finest ensembles and artists. Earlier this year, we have added a new tool to our kit – the Festival Singers. We have branched out into many different kinds of performance opportunities. This is all as it should be for a thriving ensemble.

But sometimes a handful of our oldest fans and supporters hint that they wish there was more a cappella music – the kind of music that we built our reputation on 20-some years ago; the kind of concerts of exquisite choral music that feature the choir . . . and nothing else. Well, for those people Winter Winds will be your kind of concert: An eclectic mix of composers and pieces, all a cappella, all exquisitely crafted harmonies, clever text-painting, spanning the gamut from reflective to playful, from remembrance to anticipation, from melancholy to joyous. Refer to either of the two previous Weeklys for a complete list of the pieces.

If you’d like to celebrate this a cappella program by attending one of he performances, click on CONCERTS/TICKETS in the menu bar at he top of the page.