The St. Martin’s Chamber Choir’s February concerts (Winter Winds) are taking shape (we’ve had one rehearsal, and I was struck by how immediately the choir blended on and blossomed to the music!  Like ducks to water, my singers seem to take to certain kinds of classic, lushly harmonic a cappella repertoire.  I might even have to cancel a rehearsal, it sounded so wonderful already!).

The Minnesota composer Abbie Bettinis is a recipient of this Weekly (by virtue of the fact of meeting at ACDA conferences, singing a number of her pieces, and the fact that one of SMCC’s former singers, Eric Bartlett, became her husband a few months ago!), and she sent me an e-mail last week saying she choked on her coffee when she saw her name on the list of composers in this concert.  It’s a winsome, playful piece called “Run, tobaggan, run!” where each verse gets a little faster until the piece practically takes off at the end, like the named toboggan going over a hillock!  That’s just one small example of the 18 pieces on this concert, NOT TO BE MISSED.

Tickets are available on our CONCERTS/TICKETS page.