I’m getting more and more excited about the St. Martin’s Chamber Choir “Winter Winds” concert in a little over two weeks – the choir is sounding extremely fine already in the rehearsal process, and the music is the kind of repertoire that St. Martin’s built its reputation on – solid, harmonically interesting a cappella music.  In case you missed it, here’s a list of the works:

 The Coming of Winter
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – Summer is Gone
Gustav Holst – The Autumn is Old
William Byrd – In Winter Cold

 The Cold of Winter
Benjamin Britten – In the bleak midwinter
Michael John Trotta – Blow,  blow, thou winter wind
Robert Baksa – Winter (“When icicles hang”)
Claude Debussy – Yver, vous n’estes qu’un villain

 Winter as Sadness or Old Age
Charles Wood – The Widow Bird
Ned Rorem – The Lover in Winter Plaineth for the Spring
Stanley Hoffman – That time of year


 Winter as Remembrance
Alfred Caldicott – Winter Days
Edward Elgar – Dreams all too brief
Ralph Vaughan Williams – The Unquiet Grave

 Winter as Play
Timothy Krueger – Lied der Alpenjäger
Abbie Betinis – Run, toboggan, run!
Joachim Raff – Winter Carol
arr. Bradley Dunkin – Gloucestershire Wassail

 Heralds of Spring
Robert Walker – Celandine
Healey Willan – Rise up my love

 Here are the venues and dates.

Fri. Feb. 17, 7:30pm, Montview Presbyterian Church, Park Hill
Sun. Feb. 19, 3:00pm, St. Paul Community of Faith, 1600 Grant, Denver

For tickets, follow the links above, visit our concerts page, or call the office at 303-298-1970 for assistance.